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1. MAICSA will charge students, non-members and recruitment agencies a nominal fee for job placement advertisement through MAICSA website. Firms of members, graduates and affiliates, and Practising Certificate (PC) holders with the Institute are still entitled to advertise job placements without any charges.
2. MAICSA will only accept job placement advertisements which state MAICSA membership and/or the ICSA qualification as a requirement for the position.
3. MAICSA reserves the right to reject advertisements of an inappropriate nature from potential advertisers.
4. Advertisements posted may be edited to comply with the Institute’s rules and regulations.
5. Advertisers are entitled to place only one (1) job placement advertisement at any one time and a maximum of three (3) job positions per job placement advertisement.
6. Advertising rates are as follows:
Firms of Members,
Graduates & Affiliates
Firms of Practising Certificate (PC) Holders Firms of Students &
Recruitment Agencies
FOC FOC RM 400.00 per job position
per month
RM 600.00 per job position
per month
7. Advertising rates are subject to review by Council from time to time.
8. Recruitment agencies are not allowed to disclose the advertiser's company name for the respective positions advertised in the job placement advertisements.
9. Once the advertisement has been published and placed in MAICSA website, potential job seekers should contact the advertiser which offers the position directly. MAICSA will not be held responsible for any shortcoming in the vacancy announced.
10. Advertisements will only be run upon receipt of full payment of the advertisement charges in advance. No refund will be given for any cancellation of any advertisement after the first upload of the advertisement in the website. The advertisement will also be automatically removed from the website once expired.
11. While all efforts will be taken to ensure that our website runs 24 hours a day, no compensation will be given to any advertiser due to any interruption or downtime of our server and website, and MAICSA makes no representation or warranty, whether expressly or by implication, and neither is MAICSA responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by any advertiser arising out of the advertisements placed on our website.
12. MAICSA does not guarantee success in finding the correct candidate. MAICSA website is only an alternative mode of announcing the vacancy.
13. All advertisements will be accepted on a first come first served basis. MAICSA reserves the right to decline any advertisements at any time due to space constraint or any other reasons.
To download the following forms:
For more information, please contact the Members or IT Department at +603-2282 9276 or e-mail at members@maicsa.org.my (for firms of members, graduates, affiliates or PC holders) or it@maicsa.org.my (for firms of students, non-members or recruitment agencies).