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MAICSA Training division provides a wide range of professional development training courses that can be delivered "as is", with minor modifications, or as a complete customisation to meet your organisation's needs. Our team will work closely with your organisation to analyse the needs, design and develop the appropriate contents, training methodology to meet a source for the best trainers.

Choose MAICSA in-House Training. Why?

Convenient and flexible
Training can be scheduled at a date, time, and location of clients choice. Courses can be one or more days in length, and conducted at client’s office or at any other training facilities.

Tailored Content
Courses are customised to the needs of any organisations, and can be used to address the issues affecting to the company.

Experienced Trainers
MAICSA will only select professionals who are not only experts in their field but also have extensive in-depth business-specific knowledge, with exceptional ability to communicate this to delegates in order to achieve a resul oriented training course.

Confidentiality Assured
The client’s team can discuss a sensitive issues openly at their own course.

For more information, please contact Training Division at +603-2282 9276 or e-mail to training@maicsa.org.my