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Registration of Students  print
The examination may be attempted only by registered students of the Institute. In order to become a registered student, an applicant must comply with the regulations set out below.
Application for registration must be made on the prescribed form which can be obtained from the Secretariat.
Every applicant for registration must provide evidence acceptable to the Institute that he/she:
(a) is not less than seventeen years of age;
(b) has obtained one of the educational certificates listed in the entry requirements;
(c) is, at the time of application, employed in the office of a company or society or institution or in public service, or intends to take up such employment, or is following an approved full-time course in a polytechnic or college of further and higher education in preparation for the examination of the Institute;
(d) understands and accepts that success in the prescribed examination will not entitle him/her to membership unless and until he/she has the necessary qualifying experience.
Every applicant for registration must be recommended by a member of the Institute or by a person of professional standing as a fit and proper person for admission to the examination of the Institute.
All fees due on registration must be paid at the time of application.
The decision of the Institute on all applications shall be final.
Registration as a student confers no rights of membership or voting rights. Successful applicants may describe themselves as registered students of the Institute but not as student members; there are no designatory initials for registered students of the Institute.
All students are registered for one year initially and at the end of the first year registration will normally be renewable for one year on payment of the prescribed fee.
A student will normally be expected to complete the examination within five years of initial registration though further limited renewals of registration will be considered in certain circumstances.
All applicants are strongly advised to submit a formal application for registration at the earliest possible time. Special attention is drawn to the registration dates in the table below. An applicant who is in any doubt about eligibility for registration is advised to apply before enrolling for course of study for the examination.