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Directors & Corporate Officers - Case Summaries
Publication Date : December 2002
Directors & Corporate Officers - Case SummariesA collection of case summaries on different forms of litigation involving directors, corporate officers and shareholders of a company. Dated since 1950s, the cases were specifically selected based on their relevance to the reader and are categorised under several topics to assist the reader in understanding and applying the key issues decided in each particular case.

This Case Summaries provides facts, issues in dispute, historic appeals and the binding decision of each case without compromising on accuracy of the case report.

Useful for professionals, senior managers and company directors who whilst implementing policies and rules within a corporation should be mindful of the laws and regulations that affect them personally or otherwise.
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Members - West MalaysiaP0008101RM 15.20
Members - East MalaysiaP0008102RM 22.80
Non-members - West MalaysiaP0008103RM 20.20
Non-members - East MalaysiaP0008104RM 27.80
Independent Directors - Principles and Best Practices
Publication Date : November 2003
Independent Directors - Principles and Best PracticesThis MAICSA Series for Independent Directors came about in the wake of an awareness amongst directors of their roles and responsibilities owed to the companies. The Malaysia Securities Exchange Berhad (MSEB) in amending the Listing Requirements has ensured that board members of listed issuers provide greater independence in their decisions. Listed issuers, faced with greater challenges arising from a predominantly independent board, find that independent board members have to be advised and be aware of their duties.

This book :
Is handy for independent directors to refer to as a guide, while discharging their duties and responsibilities.
Provides a useful reference for chairmen, executive directors, investors, bankers, company secretaries, lawyers, accountants and other corporate advisers.
Would be of special interest to executive directors and chairmen who will be working with independent directors in the boardroom.
Contains principles and best practices to enhance implementation of good corporate governance in Malaysia.
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Members - West MalaysiaP0012101RM 15.20
Members - East MalaysiaP0012102RM 22.80
Non-members - West MalaysiaP0012103RM 20.20
Non-members - East MalaysiaP0012104RM 27.80
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