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MAICSA Practising Certificate Scheme  print
We wish to inform all Fellow and Associate members that the Regulations of the MAICSA Practising Certificate Scheme (PC Scheme) have been revised to require all members who are named as company secretaries in the Form 58 or other similar prescribed form, whether in public practice or employed as in-house company secretaries, to apply for a valid MAICSA Practising Certificate, with effect from 1 January 2017.

It is noted that, under the Companies Act 2016, SSM will require all company secretaries to register with their Register of Company Secretaries and will also issue their Practising Certificate to company secretaries. Notwithstanding this, the MAICSA Council is of the view that the MAICSA Practising Certificate is still necessary for members who are company secretaries, in order to distinguish them from company secretaries practising under other prescribed bodies. The MAICSA PC Scheme will also require members, who are in public practice, to hold professional indemnity insurance which would be beneficial for them. We are given to understand that SSM does not plan to require company secretaries to have professional indemnity insurance.

To apply for the Practising Certificate, members may download a copy of the PC Scheme Application Form which is available in the members interactive section of the MAICSA website. All completed Application Forms should be submitted, together with payment, to the Members Department. For further queries, please contact the Members Department at members@maicsa.org.my.

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