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We wish to remind PC Holders that the Practising Certificate (PC) Holders Facebook Group is strictly for current PC Holders, and as such, access to the Facebook Group will only be granted to PC Holders who have renewed their Practising Certificates for 2016.

All PC Holders who have not as yet renewed their Practising Certificates for 2016 are reminded to do so as soon as possible. The Practising Certificate Application Form and/or Renewal Application Form can be obtained from the MAICSA website and the renewal form should be completed and submitted to the Members Department together with payment of the renewal fee of RM74.20 (inclusive of GST) and a copy of their professional indemnity insurance no later than 30 April 2016. Please note that after that date, PC Holders who have not renewed their Practising Certificates will removed from the PC Holders Facebook Group.