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Renewal of Practicing Certificates for 2015  print
We wish to advise Practising Certificate Holders that, with effect from 1 January 2015, E-Practising Certificates will be issued on an annual basis and will be subject to an expiry date, on the 31 December of each calendar year.

There will also be new procedures for renewal of the Practising Certificate for 2015, as follows:

1) Renewal forms will no longer be issued to Practising Certificate Holders. Practising Certificate Holders can access the renewal form for the Practising Certificate online via the MAICSA website and the renewal form should be completed and returned to the Secretariat together with payment of the renewal fee of RM70.00 and a copy of their professional indemnity insurance. Please click here for the renewal form. The deadline for renewal of the Practising Certificates for 2015 is 31 March 2015.
2) For Practising Certificate Holders whose professional indemnity insurance coverage does not co-incide with the renewal period (ie 1 January to 31 December 2015), they should standardize this. In such cases, Practising Certificate Holders should specify the period of insurance (if less than a calendar year) in the proposal form to the insurance company concerned. Please note that the premium stated in the proposal form is for a 12 month period and the premium for coverage for a period of less than 12 months would be pro-rated accordingly. Practising Certificate Holders who have purchased their professional indemnity insurance from ACE Jerneh can contact wendy.yoong@acegroup.com for more information.
3) Once their renewals have been approved, Practising Certificate Holders will be able to print their own E-Practising Certificates online from the MAICSA website. Practising Certificate Holders will be notified of the procedures for accessing and printing their E-Practising Certificates.

Practising Certificate Holders who wish to include the PC logo in their letterheads and calling cards can contact the Secretariat for a soft copy of the PC logo.

For further information, please contact members@maicsa.org.my.