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Mandatory CPD for Members  print
Fellow and Associate members are reminded that they have another six months until 31 December 2017 to comply with their 2017 Mandatory CPD requirements imposed by the Institute. Members can update their CPD Hours in the CPD Tracker System in the Members Interactive section of the MAICSA website. If you have yet to complete any CPD Hours, you are advised to plan your CPD for the next six months. Please click here for the CPD events that are organised by MAICSA.

Please note that we will only update your records in the CPD Tracker System for attendance at seminars organised by MAICSA within two weeks of the seminars. Please keep all the supporting documents for at least a year until the CPD Audit exercise is completed.

If you do not have the login ID for the Members Interactive section of the MAICSA website, please send a request to webmaster@maicsa.org.my.

Members are strongly encouraged to take action to comply with the Mandatory CPD requirements before the year end. Failure to comply with the Mandatory CPD requirements is a violation of the regulations of the Institute and may subject members to disciplinary action in accordance with the ICSA Charter and Bye-Laws. We wish to inform that eight members have been referred to the disciplinary process of the Institute for non-compliance with their 2015 Mandatory CPD requirements.

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