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Mandatory CPD for Calendar Year 2015  print
We wish to remind members that they are required to update their CPD Hours and make their declarations in the CPD Tracker System by 29 February 2016. Failure to do so would deem that a member has not complied with the Mandatory CPD requirements. If you have attained the required number of CPD Hours, please update your CPD Hours and make your declaration in the CPD Tracker System as soon as possible.

Please click here to access the CPD Tracker System in the MAICSA website.

Please note that failure to comply with the Mandatory CPD requirements may result in members concerned being subjected to disciplinary action in accordance with the ICSA Charter and Bye-Laws.

Please contact the Members Department at +603‑2282 9276 extension 201, 204, 206 or 208 if you have any further queries.