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Mandatory CPD for Members - Clarification  print
Fellow and Associate members are reminded that they have another six months until 31 December 2015 to comply with the Mandatory CPD requirements imposed by the Institute.

It has come to our attention that there has been some confusion regarding the number of CPD Hours recognised by MAICSA for attendance at relevant seminars, conferences and training events organised by third parties. The Institute's policy for the granting of CPD Hours is one CPD Hour for every hour of the training event, for example for a one day conference for a duration of 8 hours organised by a third party, MAICSA will grant only 8 CPD Hours and for a two day conference 16 CPD Hours. This may not be the same as the number of CPD Hours granted by a third party and members should note that they have to accept the number of CPD Hours recognised by MAICSA, if they wish to attend training events organised by third parties.

For further details of the MAICSA Mandatory CPD guidelines, please click here. Please contact the Members Department or email members@maicsa.org.my if you have any enquiries on Mandatory CPD.

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