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Vision  print
To be the premier professional body in promoting good governance and best practices in organisations.
To provide education and training in good governance, ethical practices and corporate administration.

To undertake research, development and publication of governance guides and standards.

To commit Chartered Secretaries to uphold and advocate good governance principles and practices.
Identifying Features of a Premier Organisation
MAICSA believes that a well governed, premier professional body would have at least 11 vital characteristics:
i Owner of a core body of knowledge which is perpetually relevant to the market place and which has a system of updating itself to be contemporary at all times
ii A clearly stated vision and mission to help focus on the development of good practices of corporate secretaryship, governance and leadership in the profession and allocate resources therein for improvement therein
iii Common core values that will prefer principle over conveniences, community advantage over individual advantage and which will uphold objectivity and merit
iv Professional administration that would ensure effective systems for managing market share, operations, brand, finances, risk, succession and such. There will be use of performance measurement tools on volunteers and secretariat. There will be growth strategies
v Effective governing structures: large enough to have the mixture of experience necessary for growth, small enough to be agile, able to respond quickly to time sensitive market issues
vi Good social tools for managing community relations like consultation, consensus, consideration accommodation over political tools like lobbying, right to dissent, use of entrenched authority
vii Good volunteer management programmes to develop a pipeline of committed and competent future volunteers, to enable volunteers to perform e.g. by use of a Council Member Toolkit and to give volunteers due recognition
viii Brand Success characterised by clear identity, wide acceptance, evergreen appeal but especially relevant to the times in which it exists
ix Prosperity characterised by consistent positive growth and surplus in the Institute, high earning ability of members trained in its knowledge, well remunerated employees with fair deals and fair treatment of various other stake holders
x Have a system to bring in more students, increase membership and an ability to maintain standards of examination and practise
xi To be an integral member of an international professional organisation whether within the ICSA fraternity or with other governance related bodies globally