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Applicable only to registered MayBank2U and RHB Bank Internet Banking users.
Membership - Annual Subscriptions
Description Reference No. Rate
Fellows M0000001 RM 480.00
Associates M0000002 RM 385.00
Graduates M0000003 RM 325.00
Retired Members (applicable to members who are 60 years old and above and not gainfully employed) M0000004 RM 100.00
Practising Certificate Holders M0000005 RM 70.00
Election Fees - Graduate to Associate M0000006 RM 250.00
Election Fees - Associate to Fellow M0000007 RM 400.00
Members Subscriptions Autodebit Service
To enjoy this service, Members and Graduates simply need to complete and sign the relevant application form. For further details, please call CIMB Bank at :

Telephone : +603-6204 7788
E-mail : cardcentre@cimb.com