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The Institute is constantly taking steps to ensure its students are able to seek employment once they qualify and obtain the professional qualification. The common problem faced by graduates and students has been that they could not obtain gainful employment for lack of experience. For this reason, the Institute has implemented the MAICSA Internship Scheme with the objectives of providing MAICSA students with an opportunity to obtain practical training and develop their skills and knowledge in company secretarial practice and corporate administration. The Guidelines for the Internship Scheme has been revised and simplified for successful implementation of the Internship Scheme.
MAICSA Intern Partners
MAICSA members, who are interested to participate in the Internship Scheme, should submit the Intern Partners application form by e-mail to members@maicsa.org.my.

The Intern Partners will need to assign a mentor or mentors from their organisations for the interns. The role of the mentor is to provide proper guidance and supervision for the duration of the Internship training. At the end of the internship training, the mentor will assess the intern by submitting a feedback form and sign a letter of declaration confirming the completion of the internship by the intern(s) to the Institute. At the same time the intern(s) would complete and submit the internship log to the Institute for review and assessment. The Intern Partners are permitted to offer the interns full time employment upon successful completion of the Internship training, if they so wish.
MAICSA Interns
MAICSA students, who wish to join the Internship Scheme, should submit their Internship application forms to the Institute. Successful interns will be offered an internship of three-month on-the-job attachment with an Intern Partner. During the Internship training, interns will be trained and given an opportunity to experience the working environment relating to company secretarial practice and corporate administration, as outlined in the Internship Scheme Guidelines. Interns will be paid a minimum allowance of RM 700.00 per month for the duration of the Internship training. All applications will be strictly confidential and no correspondence will be entertained once a decision has been finalized.
Click here to download the MAICSA Internship Scheme Guidelines and Application Form or please contact the Secretariat, Members Department +603-2282 9276 (Azlin, extension 201 or Suba, extension 208) or e-mail at members@maicsa.org.my.