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The Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct to Act as Company Secretaries  print
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) requires members to observe the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour in all their activities.
By maintaining these standards, members enhance their reputation as corporate managers and increase confidence in the management and administration of private and public sector organisations.

As the conduct of an individual member can reflect upon the wider profession of corporate management and the Institute's membership as a whole, the Code sets out what are deemed to be appropriate standards of professional conduct.
Members are required to uphold the Institute's Charter and comply with the Bye-Laws.
Members are required to exercise integrity, honesty and diligence in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
Members shall at all times be cognisant of their responsibilities as professionals towards the wider community.
Members shall at all times safeguard the interests of their employers, colleagues or clients provided that members shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal or unethical activity.
Members shall not enter into any agreement or undertake any activity which may be in conflict with the legitimate interests of their employer or client or which would prejudice the performance of their professional duties.
Members shall not use confidential information obtained in the performance of their duties for any personal gain nor in a manner which would be detrimental to their employer, client or any other party.
Members shall ensure the currency of their knowledge, skills and technical competencies in relation to their professional activities.
Members shall refrain from conduct or action which detracts from the reputation of the Institute.
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