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Becoming a Member  print
There are two grades of membership - Associate and Fellow. Election to membership can only be applied by those who have passed the Institute's examinations and being admitted to Graduateship.
Successful finalists in the Institute's examinations are automatically transferred to Graduateship and may use the designatory letters - Grad ICSA. Graduateship is a temporary grade. Graduates who have gained a specified number of years of relevant working experience may apply for election to Associateship.
Associates must have at least six years of relevant working experience. The period of six years can be reduced by three years in lieu of full-time recognised tertiary education. The designatory letters for Associates are ACIS.
F=Fellowship is the senior grade of membership. The election to Fellowship can only be applied by eligible Associates. They must have at least eight years of relevant working experience with three years of experience at senior level. The designatory letters for Fellows are FCIS.

Those who have attained Fellowship have demonstrated to the Malaysian Institute, the Institute and the world at large, that they have achieved the highest level of personal success and status in their chosen profession.