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June 2019 Examination Results
Please enter your Studentship Number and New NRIC Number to retrieve your result(s).
Studentship Number
New NRIC Number
Important Notes:
1. Studentship Number 7 digits valid Studentship Number, no "S" in front
2. New NRIC Number 12 digits valid New NRIC Number, no "-" or space in between
For non-Malaysian, enter new NRIC number as:
0000A1234567 if the passport number is A1234567
00000A123456 if the passport number is A123456
000A1234567A if the passport number is A1234567A
All students are required to complete the Examination Survey form before viewing the examination results. Students will not be allowed to access their results if they do not complete the Examination Survey form. Ex-Survey will be opened on 1 August (for the June examination sitting) and 1 February (for December examination sitting) and will be closed a week after the examination results are released in the MAICSA website.
Disclaimer statement:
All examination results are final and the Institute will not enter into any correspondence concerning the examination results. For further assistance, kindly contact the Students & Education Department.