SSM: SSM Practising Certificate Number
Bursa: Bursa - Consultation Paper No. 2/2019
MAICSA: Circulation of Audited Financial Statements Pursuant to Section 258
SSM: SSM Issues
SSM: SSM - Notice of Share Capital
MAICSA: Different Timelines for Deposit of Proxy Form and Corporate Representative Certificate
Bursa: Bursa - LR Amendments in Relation to Continuing Disclosure Obligations and Other Amendments
MAICSA: Constitution Specimen for Private and Public Listed Companies
SSM: SSM - Notice of Share Capital
SSM: SSM - Section 241 of Companies Act 2016
BNM: Bursa - Consultation Paper No. 1/2019
BNM: BNM - AML/CFT Information Guide
MAICSA: Members’ Dialogues on Application and Interpretation of Section 241
BNM: BNM - Supervisory Assessment on AML/CFT/CPF On-Site Examination of Company Secretaries in 2018