MAICSA Practising Certificate Scheme
We wish to advise members that, arising from the implementation of Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 on 15 March 2019 relating to the issuance of Practising Certificates by SSM to all practising company secretaries of Approved Bodies, the MAICSA Council has, after due consideration, agreed as follows...
Rationale for New MAICSA Logo
The stylised “M” is inspired by the distinctive element of the quill - like feathers of the Secretary Bird, which is commonly used to portray the profession’s pursuit of continuous high ethical standards.
MAICSA Leadership Camp 2019
We are pleased to inform that MAICSA is organising a Leadership Camp for students this year at Outback Broga Hill, Negeri Sembilan, for two days 1 night.
Acknowledgement and Admission Slips for June 2019 Examination
We are pleased to inform students that the acknowledgment and admission slips for the June 2019 examination can be downloaded from the MAICSA Interactive website now.
ICSA Qualifying Programme - Syllabus
We are pleased to inform students that the syllabus for the subjects in the new qualifying scheme, the ICSA Qualifying Programme (ICSA QP) is now available for access by students in the MAICSA website. The ICSA QP will be implemented with effect from January 2020 and the first examination diet under this Programme will be the June 2020 examination.
Amnesty Scheme for Lapsed Members
In commemoration of the Institute’s 60th Anniversary in 2020, an Amnesty Scheme has been implemented to invite lapsed members and graduates to seek reinstatement to the membership register, for the period April to December 2019.